Thursday, November 23, 2017

ATT "Reduce Prices"? Really??

A lot of people read Investors' Business Daily editorials because they are economic 'conservatives,' which is usually a good thing.

...Most economists agree, the deal is unlikely to harm consumers. In fact, it might actually benefit them by offering them more services at a lower price....

Wanna bet?

I've been an ATT (U-Verse) customer for several years and have yet to see a "price reduction" other than the usual defensive reaction to another company's promotional offer (that would be Spectrum--which is the 'net provider formerly known as "Warner Cable" combined with the 'net provider formerly known as "Charter."  Both had horrible customer-service reputations, by the way.)

So.  If Justice wins, will ATT continue its price-escalation march?  On the other hand, if ATT wins, will it suddenly reduce its prices?

I'm not betting on price reductions from ATT no matter who wins.  But ATT should begin hedging against cord-cutting.  Maybe the Justice action will prove to be moot, eh?

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Anonymous said...

That's nothin... I was in Hobby Lobby today, and the ENTIRE STORE was 30% to 50% off. But then, it is always that way....