Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Say WHAAAAT, Church Militant?

We all sorta understand that there are problems in the US Catholic Church, and some of those problems are in New York City.

But that's not an excuse for the ridiculously-stupid "reporting"--really, incoherent panting--here.

According to financial records analyzed by Church Militant, the archdiocese of New York has lost more than $122 million in the last eight years in operating expenses for Archdiocesan Services....

This is a story written by a financial illiterate.  The "losses" here are exactly what any normie expects:  a charity (the Archdiocese) spends money, and relies on DONATIONS to fund that spending.  That's not a "loss."  That's utterly-boring normal.

Oh, yes, it gets worse.

...One such homosexual priest, Fr. Peter Miqueli, was found guilty by the Bronx district attorney of wrongfully aquiring [sic] $22,450...

In the United States, a JUDGE or JURY 'finds someone guilty,' not a District Attorney.  Did you show up for all your 7th-grade Civics classes?  Did you pass?  Really??

We get it.  There's trouble, and men with a specific grave disorder are costing the Church a lot of money.  But that's not an excuse for blatant stupidity.

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