Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Roy Moore Thing, Creds, and "Conservatives"

Alabama voters will decide whether Roy Moore should be their U. S. Senator.

That is not the same as whether Moore will be their State Saint--which he probably is not.  In fact, if there IS a State Saint in Alabama, she might be found in Irondale.

Anyhooo....the Big Question after the election is this:  are all accusations to be believed from the get-go with firm faith?  All?

There is a group of women who state that Moore dated them when they were 16, or slightly older, and he was in his early 30's working as a deputy D.A.  NONE of those women accuse him of any impropriety, and--at least according to Moore--ALL of them dated him with the permission of their parent(s).

Eh.  I have daughters, and I would NOT have allowed one of them to date a 30-year-old man  when they were 16 or 17.  I certainly would actively discourage socializing with a man that age were my daughter to be 18, 20, or 22.  If the girl were older than that, it's an open question. 

But then, parents differ about lots of things.  My parents would not allow any guns in their house--but we have a couple of weapons in the home and all my children know how to handle and fire handguns and rifles, and knew that in their mid-teens.  Some moms in Alabama don't mind their daughters dating an older guy who happens to be a district attorney.  Some parents don't mind if their children do not go to church.  Others will drag them there by the hair if necessary. You get the idea.

Then there is one woman who claims that when she was 14, Moore became very aggressive (the right word is "assaulted") her, asking her to touch him through his underwear, (etc.)  This woman came from a broken home and has suffered three divorces. 

Think about that carefully. 

Begin with this:  the story she tells is inconsistent with the stories told by the other women.  And that inconsistency is about a major element:  assault.  She is the only one who makes that claim.  She is also the only one who states that she was legally under-age when this activity allegedly occurred.  (And let me hint that the woman's early background might be of great interest to a Roy Moore defense attorney.)

Some, both left and right, are saying that any accusation must be believed with firm faith from the get-go.  To that I say BULLSHIT.  We've seen plenty of events where the accuser was--in fact--a liar.  The Duke lacrosse thing comes to mind, as do a dozen or so recent cases of "racist" scrawlings perpetrated--as it turns out--by minorities who were looking to cause a riot or two.

Accusations are easy to make; 40-year-old memories are easily confused

Is Moore a predator?  Not by any believable accounts I have read so far.

Now for another question:  how does a "rightist" pundit stray so far from principles of judgment (little stuff like actual crime, intent, proof....) that they can demand Moore quit his run?

Or how can "rightist" Senators do the same?

Do these people--Senators and pundits alike--actually expect US to believe that the Senate is a Saints-Only zone?  Clutch your pearls elsewhere, you fakes.  Join the never-Trump bunch in masturbatory isolation.  Take a boat trip with a bunch of has-beens like Kristol.

Just go away.    


Anonymous said...

She said he put a blanket on the floor of the living room. Who does that? 7 year old kids on "overnights" at their friend's house. This gal is drawing reality from her experience as a kid.


Anonymous said...

Barnhardt's axiom applies (q.v.). However, there must be another that applies to a small army of women who suddenly remember an incident in their lives from decades ago and all come forward at once when one comes out with accusations, especially during a political race. It begs the question - why didn't they report any "illegal" acts back then? If it wasn't illegal, then why bring it up now? Are these women being paid by the opposing candidate's campaign or party? Or are they merely seeking publicity?