Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Nuker Calls Out Idiot Shep Smith, Demi-Idiot Goldberg

The Captain is a nuker.  Read enough of his blog (I have for several years) and you'll understand that.  FWIW, a close friend of mine (now deceased) was also a nuker--they all talk the same when on The Topic.  Another nuker is a reader of this blog and he will NOT dispute what the Captain has to say here.

Anyhow.  Shep Smith is a moron, Andy McCarthy is out of his league...

...It is true that hyperbole about national security and treason is not helping people’s understanding of what this is about. Uranium One has never primarily been a national-security controversy. It is a corruption controversy with some national-security aspects, which are related to domestic energy supply, not nuclear weapons.”

He’s wrong, and it’s almost a waste of time and air to say that Goldberg and Smith are wrong since they are such lightweights on the matter.  We need a reliable and inexpensive source of raw nuclear material for nuclear security, and we also need universities to continue to have and fund nuclear engineering programs.  Without commercial nuclear power, there will be no nuclear engineers, and without nuclear engineers there will be no nuclear weapons program.  Without nuclear engineers and reactors, there will be no Tritium for weapons, which is created by activation of Lithium, because we won’t be able to create the high neutron flux necessary to make enough Tritium.  In order to have these reactors to create the Tritium, we need enriched nuclear fuel.

This is all vital to our national security.  There is no further discussion necessary over this question.  Better said, there isn’t even a question about it.  This isn’t primarily about a scandal, and secondarily about appurtenant national security issues.  This is about a scandal that runs so far, deep and wide that certain people would sell out the national security of nation for small payoffs....

The Captain's fight here, sadly, is not against Conservatives, nor even against some Liberals.  The fight is against the vast, vast, vast level of pure ignorance on matters nuke.  At least some of us are smart enough to say "I dunno."

UPDATE:  Shep Smith is not only an idiot.  Apparently he took "Reporting 101" from CNN--and failed the rest of his courses. 

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