Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Highly-Placed US Intel Liars

It appears that The Swamp not only needs draining.  It may require some executions, too.  Those usually get the attention of the remaining slugs, liars, and quasi-patriots.

...I'd like to put John Brennan and James Clapper under oath and ask them what they knew and when they knew it, and if they ever downplayed this intelligence they were sitting on when shilling for Obama's Iran Deal.

Oh, and then there's this: Another lie told by Obama and Clapper and Brennan is that the Muslim Brotherhood isn't a terrorist organization.

But Osama bin Ladin said he was "committed with" the Muslim Brotherhood, which in context seems to mean "committed in jihad."...

All that following the release of OBL's papers, in which he made it clear that Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood were VERY much ALLIES of his and AlQuaeda.

Nice, eh??

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William said...

Seems to me dad, that most of Western 'Leadership' has decided to be surrender monkies and become Dhimi's. The West, due to an over-tolerance of Leftism, seems bent on Cultural Suicide.