Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Radical" Article V? Really?

Charlie Sykes' new network, MSNBC, thinks the Wisconsin Legislature has gone nutso.

...According to the Wisconsin resolution, approved by Republicans, the convention is needed “for the limited purpose of requiring the federal government to operate under a balanced budget.”...

OK, so?

...Occasionally, progressive leaders will push for a convention as a way to circumvent Congress on campaign-finance reform, but most proponents are on the far-right fringe. The religious right movement, in particular, has pushed aggressively for a convention....

I see.  Christians are the far-right fringe.  OK.

...No one can say with certainty how such a convention would play out...but there’s a real possibility that once the constitutional door is open, convention delegates could consider literally any changes...

And so forth and so on.  The Fever Is Operative at MSNBC, Charlie Sykes' new network.

We are unable to put our finger on the Constitutional language which authorizes abortion-on-demand, homosex marriage, and tranny-rights--all accomplished without the benefit of any convention at all, just the perverted minds of 5 blackrobed jackasses.

But to MSNBC, all that crap is normal.  And that, my friends, is how you got Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

When have politicians ever limited their reach to what they were authorized?

Dad29 said...

So what?

I think it was one of our Presidents who quipped that 'they may be SOBs, but they are OUR SOB's.'

Same sentiment here, although Wisconsin's resolution is carefully limited.