Monday, November 13, 2017

Irony Drips From Max's Boot

One of the has-been Warmonger-GlobullWarmth Pubbies vomits forth.

...This episode [Moore] is the sorry culmination of two trends that have disfigured the conservative movement beyond all recognition: contempt for the facts and desire to win at all costs. Republicans are increasingly reliant on “alternative facts” manufactured by the likes of Fox News and Breitbart, which claim that global warming isn’t real and neither is the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee....

Actually, "warming" IS real.  But Maxscene elides to lie.  He prefers to forget that actual Conservatives know that it is not "man-caused."  Nice try, Maxie.

Oh, and by the way, did the Russkies hack the DNC, or was that an inside job done by Seth, the murder victim?  You don't know shit about this, Maxscene.

He does make one valid point, however.

...This is a party that does not deserve to survive....

You ought to know.  You killed it.  That's what's called "irony."

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