Wednesday, November 29, 2017

USCC: Thinking Ahead Not Required

It would be asking a lot to require that the USCC think ahead when they issue their SJW prattle.

Yesterday, they popped off with a short screed against "net neutrality."  It's all about "justice," you know; people who are downloading feature films should NOT pay more than people who simply read the news on the 'net.  The Bishops try to make the argument that CATHOLIC feature films (etc.), pushed by CATHOLICS, will be cost-penalized by a competitive internet.


Since about 2000 or so, actual religious expression on the 'net has been gradually choked by the  Lord-Lefties of Tech-Land.  This includes quashing of pro-life editorials and memes and fundamentalist memes.  This choking-off is usually excused on the basis that actual religious material is racist/sexist/homophobic.....the usual BS.

What makes the airheads at USCC think--for one second--that the Lord-Lefties of Tech-Land will sit back and allow actual Catholic materials to flow over a "neutral" 'net?

.........Sorry!  I used the word "think" in the same sentence as "USCC." 

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