Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Asylum in Madistan, "SHUT UP!" They Said

Came across this in an Althouse post.

[Finn Enke — a nonbinary trans male and UW-Madison professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, History and LGBTQ Studies] 

Many of you readers may know what that means, aside from "tax-funded wack-nut."

It's on the inter-tubes so it must be true.  And as (ex-) Prof. Bret Weinstein tells us, it's all part of a successful strategic plan.

Bret Weinstein is the former Evergreen State College biology professor who became the focus of a social justice witch hunt on campus earlier this year....he believes the social justice warriors are winning their battle to control campuses. “I don’t think that we can say that the entire educational apparatus is a failure,” Weinstein said. He continued, “But we can say that the part of the apparatus that is a failure is taking over more and more territory....

...“If there’s one thing that people fail to appreciate about the social justice movement where it interfaces with the academy is that just because what is being said is crazy to the point of absurdity does not mean that the strategic plan is absurd,” Weinstein said. He added, “The strategic plan is far more effective than you would expect based on the sophistication of the ideas that are being promulgated....

IOW, sure, the 'non-binary tranny whatever' is profoundly nuts.  But hey!  He/She/It owns territory at UW-Madison.  And he/she/it and its/their associates have a longer-range plan:

....When SJW’s shut down a conservative speaker (aka no platforming) the talking points are all about students safety and their feelings, etc. But the real goal is dominance, i.e. to claim ownership of the space and with that ownership the right to exclude the unwanted....

This will go on for a while, until it stops.  It will stop for one of two reasons:  1)  either normal human beings stop the funding, or 2)  there will be a much less civilized reaction which puts an end to the foolishness for a very long time.

It will be a smoky and smelly termination.

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