Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Musk-y Odor of....Flim-Flam-Fraud!

Ticker rips "St." Elon another new one--this time for his "truck."

Read the whole thing...but here's an interesting set of stats to chew on.

....There apparently were eight charging ports, and with a 100kw battery behind each that would be 800Kw. To deliver 90% of capacity in 30 minutes you'd have to deliver approximately 1.5 Megawatts plus losses; batteries are 80-85% charge efficient during the bulk phase until they reach about 80% of capacity (at which point their efficiency goes down materially) and the electronics to control the charge have loss too -- probably in the neighborhood of 10%. So we have a 76%, more or less, efficiency on the charge rate which means we must deliver almost exactly 2 Megawatts to the truck for that 30 minutes....

Got that?  Good.  Next stat:

...The average house in the United States consumes about 12 megawatt/hours of energy over the entire year, or about a megawatt-hour per month.  Musk intends to suck twice as much energy from the electrical grid as your house consumes in a month in 30 minutes....

That's quite a bit of suck, Elon.  But it's nothing compared to the suck you'll feel when YOU pay for all that new 'frastruc!

Like I say, read the whole thing.  

Then Buy.  More.  Ammo.!!

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