Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Wisconsin: Another Article V State!!

Went through the State Senate yesterday!

Republican lawmakers finished their drive Tuesday to make Wisconsin the latest state to call for a convention of states to add a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, driving a resolution demanding the meeting through the Senate despite Democrats' warnings that they could destroy the document.

The Assembly adopted the resolution in June. The Senate's approval solidified the resolution as the state's official position. Resolutions don't need the governor's signature, but Republican Gov. Scott Walker tweeted Tuesday that he supports the call for a convention....

Paul Ryan won't actively oppose it until another 2-3 States get on the bandwagon--but then he'll be a screaming banshee from Hell opposing it.

Maybe he'll pick up some of his lines from these esteemed nose-pickers:

...Sen. Fred Risser said the convention might craft amendments outlawing abortion. Sen. Jon Erpenbach said delegates might outlaw the media and strip rights from women and minorities....

Can't find a downside in Risser's "fear."  Can't find a downside in 'outlawing the media', either.  If the media doesn't bother with the truth, may as well not have them around.

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