Thursday, November 02, 2017

Civil War in the Church, Part XXXII: the USCCB and Milwaukee

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has been filled with odd creatures since it was formed by Cdl. Bernardin of Chicago. 

("Chicago" alone should tell you something; is it just 'co-incidence' that Saul Alinsky, Bernardin, and Obama all resided there at roughly the same time and were directly or indirectly working on the same causes??  Hmmmmm????  If you think so, read "Windswept House" by Fr. Malachi Martin.)

Anyhow.  Over the years, Catholics-who-pay-attention have been writing about the USCCB's Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which has spent Catholic dollars on various Marxist-socialist organizations such as Gamaliel, CUSH, and SOPHIA.  I need not remind you that Marxist-socialists are enemies of the Church, not to mention the US.

But it gets worse.  Much, much, worse.

When ObamaCare became law, Milwaukee saw the creation of "Common Ground" healthcare company, a "community developer" of healthcare, and an ObamaCare insurance provider.  That bunch, Common Ground, was full to the brim with the Usual Suspects from SEIU, another Alinskyite organization which was closely connected to the fraud-filled (now defunct) ACORN.

At the same time, USCCB had a subcommittee on 'healthcare and work', a member of which was an SEIU officer and open lesbian.  USCCB approved a $40,000.00 grant to Common Ground of Milwaukee in 2011.

So happens that Common Ground "health"care is a partner of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest baby-killing organization.  (At the link, the name is "Trilogy Common Ground.")  Think that's co-incidence?  Think again.

In this morning's news, we find that USCCB has an employee who is an open supporter of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest baby-killing organization.

And Milwaukee's Archbishop has once again--AGAIN--given a pass to USCCB's granting another $40,000.00 to Common Ground, a partner in "health"care to the world's largest baby-killing organization.

The Archbishop has no excuse for this.  He was told in 2012.  The matter is an open record (although PP has dropped the term "partnership" in describing its affiliation with Common Ground.)   Further, USCCB has no excuse for retaining Jessica Garrels.  None.  It is--arguably--fraud for the USCCB to take money from Catholics and payroll it to an abortion supporter.  It is--arguably--fraud for USCCB to take money from Catholics and grant it to a "health"care company which is a partner with the world's largest baby-killing organization.

What the current Papacy has done is made the civil war in the Church very clear and prominent.  Perhaps Abp. Listecki will pay enough attention to the conflict to de-fund the obvious external enemies of the Church.  That would be nice, ain'a??  We can worry about the internal enemies, at USCCB and in Rome, next.


GOR said...

One more reason why I refuse to donate to any USCCB-related program. The news of Fr. Weinandy’s firing is more evidence of the atmosphere promoted by the current Pope and his enablers: malign and persecute faithful Catholics, while praising and promoting faithless ones or non-Catholics.

Once again Pope Francis’ hypocrisy is made evident: preach mercy, but persecute the faithful; advocate dialogue but squelch dissent; profess humility but act with dictatorial pride, etc. etc. And his enablers – including most of the USCCB – have learned the lessons well as they emulate his actions.

Anonymous said...

A savvy lawyer, experienced in class action suits, could make himself rich with this.

I know I want my donation back.

I at least want the portion of my donation that went to abortion back.

This money for abortion includes money that the faithful put in the general collection at mass.

A set percentage of the money in the general collection leaves the parish and goes to the bishop.

And a percentage of the money that goes to the bishop goes to the official bishop charities, some of which are aligned with -- or even directly -- involved with abortion.

Few of the faithful know that children are being killed with their offerings.

It appears this won't change until the church is sued. said...

I have long since ceased contributing to this annual collection and can not understand why it still exists. The are certain other Church organizations that can take over the very few worthy efforts this group does.