Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NAFTA: The Pudding Sucks, Folks

We were told that NAFTA would bring rainbows, pixie-dust, and prosperity to ALL North Americans.  Yah, a few people in the USA would lose their jobs, but the Mexicans would become first-class consumers and make up the difference.  Rising (Mexican) tide, and all that.

Nope.  Not only did tens of thousands of US manufacturing workers lose their jobs, and often their houses, cars, and other goods; Mexico's economy ain't about to float any boats, either.

...What’s the opposite of a growth miracle? Whatever the term, it applies in spades to Mexico in the Nafta era.

Poor countries are expected to grow faster than rich ones, and they need to. Trade agreements are supposed to help. Yet by almost any benchmark -- certainly the ones trumpeted by the deal’s architects a quarter-century ago -- the Mexican economy’s performance has been dismal....

Looks as though Clinton handed out more than one Green Weenie from the Oval Office, eh?

I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce has some sort of explanation written in Spanish or Chinese or something.

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