Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Capital "E" Establishment Pubbie Loves Him Some Nicholson

So far, Kevin Nicholson's campaign consists--almost exclusively-- of this:  "I'm a war veteran.  Vote for me!!"

Umnnnhhhh, OK.  We are grateful for Nicholson's service.

Today, a "Capital E" Establishment Pubbie endorsed Nicholson.  Jim Klauser was TThompson's 'closest adviser.'  That would be the TThompson who exhorted out-State Wisconsin residents to "SCREW!!"  Milwaukee-area taxpayers with Bud Selig's playground-and-wealth-enhancing stadium.  That would be the TThompson whose "spend-and-bond-it" style bamboozled voters for quite some time, leading to a James Doyle victory.

Thanks, Tom and Jim!

Now we know who's backing Nicholson, aside from a shipping-supplies family.

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