Saturday, December 05, 2015

We Have Met Fourth-Generation Warfare

For lots of material on Fourth-Generation Warfare, visit Vox.

Brief: it does not require traditional logistics support; it is violent and deadly; it is apparently 'leaderless,' and only one or a few 'warriors' are required for an op.  Most important, it is not 'warfare' in the old sense of State v. State.

So what do we have here, now?

...A “terror op” has just become one Moslem driving up to the sidewalk tables at any big, medium-sized, or even small city restaurant, getting out of his car, and tossing a homemade bomb or opening fire. The plan? The plan was to kill infidels. The motivation? A strict, sincere belief in Islam, a clear-eyed reading of Islamic texts, and the exhortation of thousands if not millions of influential, respected, and credible members of the Islamic clerisy to adhere to the tenets of the Koran and hadiths.....

That, my friends, is Fourth-Generation Warfare.

Are you armed and ready?

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