Monday, December 14, 2015

Madison Rabble-Rouser Attacks Church (!!)

It's Christmas time, so the rabble-rousers are attacking the Church.

Mike Quieto used to frequent St. Paul's Catholic Church in downtown Madison while studying on the University of Wisconsin campus. Last week, he returned for an advent Mass.

Afterward, Quieto says he watched as a man wearing a clerical collar ask homeless people sleeping on the steps to leave....

Umnnhhh, yah, public safety and all that.

...Father Eric Nielsen, of St. Paul's, said the church has always allowed homeless people to sleep on its steps, but only after 10 p.m.

"We don't really kick people off the steps," he said. "We just ask them to leave and they normally have obliged."...

Note well:  the church allows these folks to stay overnight.  Just not during the heavily-trafficked daytime hours.

...Quieto questioned the decision and said he was upset as a churchgoer.

""It's good for us to be sad and angered and challenged by the realities of poverty and social injustice in the world," Quieto said. "Because it reminds us to be charitable and to give and to do more."

Uh huh.  So Mike, those guys could use a warm place.  How about YOURS??


Anonymous said...

How is this even a newsworthy story on those sites?? Seriously and truly - how? Is it so unreasonable to ask people to not sleep on your public property and cause a nuisance during normal working hours? Loitering, anyone?

A quick google search of Mike Quieto shows this self-described progressive Democrat officiated at the same-sex 'wedding' of a couple in 2014 at the court house. Color me not-at-all-surprised.

Dad29 said...

*Cough* You just told us how "this is newsworthy." It's the source.

I was a little suspicious of the "....went to church there during college..." stuff. The MSM, like all other Leftists, hate the Church--so when a certified Left-O-Wacky like Quieto hands them a "controversial story" they are on it like stink on s*&^.