Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Problem With Pp. Francis

What Ed Peters has to say about Pp. Francis and Canon Law could easily be expanded to cover other ruminations, jabberwocky, and gabbles from H.H.

...a ... concern I have about Francis’ consistently negative approach to law and lawyers, namely, that Francis is treating canon law around the world as if it operates (or fails to operate) as he apparently experienced it in Argentina. If that is so (and that is the more benign interpretation that can be accorded Francis’ oft-invoked antinomian rhetoric), then the pope’s approach to universal annulment reforms would rest on a fundamentally flawed assumption....

His history in Argentina probably colors his thoughts on the environment, "capitalism," (which is very, very, limited in the West), and alleviating poverty.  Perhaps HH doesn't understand, or know about, US charities, both domestic and international, either.

He should study up a bit.

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