Tuesday, December 29, 2015

No-Plan Obozo: Putin Shines Instead

It finally occurred to someone that Obozo really didn't want to "eliminate ISIS."

...Until September 30 - which is the day a three star Russian general strolled into the US embassy in Baghdad and informed the staff that airstrikes in Syria begin “in one hour” - Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha seemed perfectly content to simply wait around for one group of rebels or another to finally succeed in taking Damascus. In the meantime, the US embarked on what one might call a “containment” strategy as it related to ISIS - the idea, basically, was to keep Frankenstein confined to the lab, but not to hit the monster hard enough to render it ineffectual in the fight to destabilize the Assad government. 

Once Assad fell, the US would march in and “liberate” the country before promptly installing a puppet government - with the help of the Saudis of course. 

All of that changed when the Russians arrived in Latakia....


...Once Moscow’s warplanes began to turn the tide in favor of the SAA with the help of Hezbollah ground forces and the IRGC, Putin promptly moved to blow the whole charade wide open by asking (loudly) why the US wouldn’t partner with Russia in the war on terror....

Let's review.  ISIS is a Sunni Muslim bunch, as are the Saudis.  Iran is Shi'ite. No love is lost between the two Muzzie branches:  note that the Palestinian (Shi'ite) bunch is distinctly un-enthused about ISIS.  Get the idea?  Obozo doesn't only bow to the Saudis; he's actively assisting them--thus, indirectly, actively assisting ISIS.

Putin, on the other hand, has seen the effects of Sunni (ISIS) radicalism in Chechen with the slaughter of schoolchildren and will not tolerate the spread of Sunni/ISIS.

So he took them down.

There's a side-play here, too, involving a NATO "ally" of the US:  Turkey.  ISIS' money comes from Iraqi oil that ISIS has stolen and is selling to Turkey (rumor has it that one of the beneficiaries of the transactions is Erdogan's son.  Nepotism in all its glory!!)  Putin decided to take out the funding source, too.

...Previously, the US claimed it didn’t destroy the oil convoys because The Pentagon was concerned about collateral damage. Once Putin blew the whistle on the Turkey-ISIS oil connection and began posting video clips of oil tanker trucks streaming across the border with apparent impunity, Washington was forced to drop the “collateral damage” excuse and start bombing the trucks (although Russia will tell you that there’s not much bombing going on from the US side of things). All in all, this reinforces the notion that Washington has no strategy....

Well, actually, Obozo does have a 'strategy.'  It's the time-honored "baffle 'em with bullshit"!!

...the US is now scrambling to craft a "new narrative" to feed to the impatient electorate. “Military officials on the Operation Inherent Resolve task force have recently formed a working group to formulate a ‘new narrative,’ The Hill writes, citing defense officials. ...

Thus, since 11/30, Obozo and his buttboys in the Pentagon have inundated the airwaves with "Lookie what we done!!" stuff. 

To show how useless Obozo has been, even Paul Ryan is asking questions!!

"This isn’t the first time the president has stressed that the American people just don’t get it, blaming poor communication for America’s discontent rather than the failed policies themselves," said a statement from Ryan’s office. 

The issue was not with "a communications plan" to defeat ISIS but rather over the need for a "comprehensive plan to destroy this enemy and protect our homeland," it said.

OK, Paul.  Now please pass the budget and gravy.

But even though Ryan has the right analysis of the Bullshit Plan, he doesn't (yet) put his finger on the underlying problem, which is the Obozo Deal With Iran.

...But what Ryan apparently either doesn't get or simply can't say, is that this isn't about destroying ISIS, it's about achieving larger geopolitical goals like rolling back Iranian influence in the Arabian Peninsula and helping ensure that the Mid-East balance of power doesn't shift too dramatically towards Iran once sanctions are lifted next year....

There you have it.  ISIS or Iran.  Putin made his choice, putting Russia in first place in the race to win over the mullahs.  Well-played.

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