Monday, December 28, 2015

Did Paul Ryan Throw the Primaries to Cruz?

Interesting little graf here which raises a possibility that Ryan--through his awful, horrible, terrible, budget-- just tossed the (R) nomination to Cruz or Trump.

...Together, the four “moderate” candidates only earn just over 40 percent of the Republican vote in New Hampshire. Trump and Cruz together earn 40 percent support in New Hampshire, a state which is far less conservative ideologically than other early voting states.

Not only are Kasich, Bush, Christie and Rubio contesting the same slice of the party, but that slice is getting smaller.

Anxiety about the economy and foreign affairs are part of this equation. So too, though, is the Republican Congress’ apparent acquiescence with President Barack Obama’s agenda. In many ways, these four promise the same leadership that ceded almost all policy and spending ground to the Democrats just a couple weeks ago....

... Conservatives are relatively united behind either Trump or Cruz, while the establishment candidates are hopelessly splintered. Perhaps the biggest difference, though, is that the conservative wing of the party has grown so much larger that it can accommodate two leading candidates....

Like I said:  "interesting."

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Anonymous said...

It is human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, you know.