Monday, December 21, 2015

Hypotheticals Are Fun!

Nobody with any common sense gives a rotten fig about "the media's opinion" in the first place.

But V D Hanson sets them up to knock them down with a few tantalizing hypotheticals.

If a Republican is elected president, what will the media and its liberal sympathizers do should the next chief executive decide to follow the Obama modus operandi?...

...In January 2017, the new president might announce a cut-off of all federal funds for sanctuary cities found in violation of federal law. Or, also taking his cue from Obama, he might allow individual municipalities to nullify federal laws as they see fit: The Endangered Species Act null and avoid inside Salt Lake City? Gay marriage illegal within the city limits of Mobile? Gun control mandates too much of a hassle for those living in Laramie? Texas towns free to burn coal as they please?...

While the 9th and 10th Amendments don't apply to municipalites, they DO apply to States.  VDH missed a bet there, but the possibilities are a lot of fun to contemplate.

Too bad Scott Walker doesn't have the guts to discontinue queer "marriage" using the Bill of Rights as his vehicle, eh?

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