Sunday, December 13, 2015

Think Rush is Wrong?

Anecdotal, of course--but it ties directly to the post below.

(From the article's text, I'll assume this writer lives in the greater Chicago area.)

A couple of days ago I stood in line for little over an hour at a national sporting goods outfitter/retailer along with 30 other people (no lie, 30, because I counted them all in front of me) as some of us waited to purchase a firearm while others waited to pick one up.  As the line slowly snaked to the counter, with more people adding to the line behind me, I began to look at demographics of the people waiting — predominantly white with about 25% hispanic, predominantly male  — I was one of three women, but the other two weren’t buyers, more like the girlfriend/wife — assuming US citizens, all age groups from mid-20’s to 70’s, middle-class/blue collar, and suburban to the outlying collar counties....

Read the rest yourself (it's short.)  We live in very interesting times.

In similar mode, I am now constantly reminding the wife and chilluns to 1)  pay attention to the "exit" signs, 2)  be prepared to drop to the floor and crawl FAST, 3)  find concealment and/or cover, and 4)  always be paying attention to others while they're out in crowds--particularly in shopping malls and other crowded areas.

This is the "whoweare" America that our Establishment is all comfy with?  Really??

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