Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ryan Turns to Lyin'

Knowing that his omnibus Christmas gift to Obozo is massively unpopular, Paul Ryan of the Fully-Fenced-and-Guarded Manse is now asserting .....ahhhhh......untruths about the damn thing.

This essay demonstrates that the Speaker speaketh with forked tongue.

Beyond that, it strikes me as very peculiar that of all the thousands of "refugees" the US has admitted, almost none are Catholic (the press calls them "Christian"), especially considering that Catholics (Christians) are one of the principal objects of persecution in the Middle East.

And I'll borrow an analogy/illustration from another pundit to make a point that Paul Ryan of the Fully-Fenced-and-Guarded Manse doesn't seem to get:  suppose that you are given a bowl of 10,000 M&M's.  And suppose that 200 of those are deadly poison.  How many would you force your neighbors to eat?

Hmmmmm, Paul?

Parting shot:  he didn't even bother to lie about his funding of Baby Butcherhood.  I guess those babies are not even on his radar any more.  Hmmmmmm?

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