Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paul Ryan's ICE Budget: Steady on Your Course

Paul Ryan didn't bother with details on the ICE budget.

So this sort of shit will continue.

...ICE arrested 39 illegal aliens who’d been convicted on a crime during a large-scale sting operation across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware between Nov. 30 and Dec. 4. Included among these were 17 individuals arrested in the Philadelphia area, another six caught in Pittsburg [sic], and seven apprehended in Charleston....

Good, eh?


The ICE agents who caught the slimebags were DISCIPLINED for those apprehensions by Ms. Soldana (ICE), Jeh Johnson (Homeland "Security") and Johnson's Big Boss, the pResdent.

Not to worry.  Their budget is intact, and their policies will not change.

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Anonymous said...

Are you locally organizing to take him out in the primaries? You live in his district?
Remember, the establishment likes to flood the field so the establishment candidate can win.

Your going to have to reach out to people on the margins to knock off the current Speaker.

Do like Milo does, "do not exclude People".