Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rush: "The Lack of Moral Authority..."

Here is the crux of it:

...If you want, pick any name from what everybody would agree would be the Washington establishment who’s criticizing Trump and saying, “This is not who we are, and this does not represent American values, and this simply will not stand. This is not who we are and this is not what we’re about, and this is reprehensible and it’s outrageous, and Trump should apologize, and this will not be allowed to happen. This is un-American!” 

There’s not a single one of them that has any moral authority left to have that mean anything with the American people. I think this is a crucial point. This chasm, this distance, this divide from the Washington establishment to the people who make this country work? It is so wide, it is so big, that there’s nobody in the establishment that has any credibility any longer...quoted at ColdFury

Well, there is one:  Ted Cruz.  And he's keeping his mouth shut, for the time being. 

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