Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Ben Sasse Has It Right

I'll just quote one graf here; read the rest at HotAir, or see the video at same site.

...Sunday night [ObozoSpeech] was a drought. Monday night [Trump rant] was a flood. Neither are what the people need – or what they, at their best, want. But don’t be surprised that a people who are being misled by a political class in denial about the nature of this fight comes then quickly to desire very different, much more muscular words and utopian pledges....

ALL of them have failed.  Obozo?  Nothing new there at all.  Ryan, RoJo, and the rest of the (R) demi-nannies with their political correct
cowardice--that's another story.  It began with the treachery over ObozoCare, progressed through the 'bend over and enjoy this' posture over Obergefell, and now we have a National Suicide Agreement from them.
It IS all of a piece, and it is disgusting.

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