Sunday, December 20, 2015

Russia, Turkey, and the CIA

That shoot-down of the Russki plane has a bit more backstory than Obozo&Co. would like you to know.

...the downing of the Russian SU-24 is becoming a major liability. The Russians have immediately claimed that this was a carefully planned and cowardly ambush, but now top western experts agree. 

This is very embarrassing, and it could get much worse with the deciphering of the flight recorders of the SU-24 (which the Russians have found and brought to Moscow). The picture which emerges is this: not only was this a deliberate provocation, an ambush, but there is overwhelming evidence that the Turks used the information the Russians have provided to the USA about their planned sorties

The fact that the Americans gave that information to the Turks is bad enough, but the fact that the Turks then used that information to shoot down a Russian aircraft makes the US directly responsible. 

The USA is also responsible by the simple fact that there is no way the Turks could have set up this complex ambush without the USA knowing about it....--quoted at Vox's place

Yah, it's prolly the CIA that set it up, knowing what a bunch of wackjobs they really are.  Of course, Obozo is just as wacky, if not more so, and then there's always John Kerry.

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