Sunday, December 27, 2015

O'Keefe and D'Souza: The Criminalization of Conservatism

Conservatives in Wisconsin were shocked to learn the sordid details of the flat-out illegal and un-Constitutional persecution of Eric O'Keefe.  Lead rabid-dog Kennedy of GAB, aided and abetted by his Rasputin-like Falk, a badge-flashing co-conspirator Chisholm and two of his mouth-breathing assistants, and a willing accomplice Schmitz, spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars attempting to destroy O'Keefe and a number of other Wisconsin conservative operatives.

This was not a "mistake," nor was it poor judgment.  It was planned and executed on a broad and malicious scale, with all the plays run by the Progressives (including their doddering, drooling, black-robed superiors holding "Board" seats at GAB) being near-precise imitations of what their sociopath Sacred Leader, the country's sniveling selfie-queen, Obama, had done to Dinesh D'Souza.  (HT:  AOSHQ)

The only difference was that D'Souza's persecutors did not utilize midnight no-knock armed raids victimizing children and families.

Small comfort to D'Souza, of course--but he learned something during his imprisonment:  Progressives are not 'nice people with silly ideas.'  They are not "true believers."  They are, in fact, a criminal gang who have no moral compunctions whatsoever and are determined to steal whatever they can from the taxpaying populace to gain absolute power. 

Resist, and you will be silenced, imprisoned, or both.  Summary execution is not out of the question; it's a matter of when, not if.

...Progressives, he now perceives, are engaged in a massive scheme to “steal America,” meaning all of its wealth and traditions. Their ideas and the foibles of their interest-group politics are often incoherent because they are not actually meant to cohere. They are, instead, a Machiavellian ploy, a pretense to morality (because the public expects it) that camouflages the remorseless acquisition of power needed to rob the public blind....

Were it only theft of possessions!  The Progressives, living up to the maxim that murder and lies are bedfellows, have made "legal" the act of killing babies and "marriage" of like sexes; they have perverted the IRS; they will shortly finish strangling US industry and homeowners with "clean-air" regulations thus handing over an immense pile of wealth to the con-artists, hucksters, charlatans, and scammers of "clean energy;" and they will next claim possession of all puddles, rivulets, and ponds in the US--adding to their 60%++ holdings of the country's land-area.

...D’Souza, like most conservatives, used to be dismissive of progressive narratives about social justice that portray common folk as victims of American history’s “oppressive legacy,” preyed upon by capitalist titans and administrators of the criminal-justice system. Now, he has become convinced that the system is, in fact, unfair — not for the reasons cited by progressives but precisely because of progressive influence on the system. Their grip on power — crony capitalism, discretion over prosecutorial decisions, the promotion of favored factions — robs Americans of economic opportunity and subjects them to abuses of governmental process....

Their final act--in progress for several years now--will be to flood the country with "refugees", many of which adhere strongly to a religion which is antithetical to the Constitution and who will blow up and/or shoot American citizens, others of which will (if they find work) degrade the wage-base for low-skilled US workers, placing them further into the economic pit for the foreseeable future. With either (terrorism or enforced poverty), the Progressives "win."   

Dinesh D’Souza implores us to recognize the con for what it is, and work, as he works, to expose it, rather than dignify it as an alternative political philosophy. America, he contends, is well on the way to being stolen.
But just in case:  buy more ammo!

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