Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paul Ryan's Excellent Boehner Imitation

Paul Ryan claims that he's 'trapped' into Boehnerism for the current budget-busting bill.

Not only that, he's also using Boehner hide-and-seek tactics.

He's going to delay the "Cadillac tax" of Obozocare by two years and trade that for the 'medical device' tax (eliminating it).  Each of those moves is for about TWO years.

How will he do that?  By putting those provisions into two separate bills, and only joining them after they pass the House.  IOW, he'll rely on the Pubbies to pass the med-device exemption, and the Donkey Party to pass the Caddy Tax elimination--and then--SURPRISE!!! slam them together for McConnell's Supine Senate.

So while poor ol' Paul is 'trapped' in Boehner-land, he may as well use Boehner's three-card-monte trickery and deceit, I guess.

What a jerk he really is.

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