Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Is The Donald Completely Wrong?

The whole universe of Bubble Class people wet their collective diapers today over The Donald's "Keep 'em all out!!" statement.


That's been done before.  The US has--Constitutionally and legally--discriminated in its immigration policy for years.  No big deal.  And as The Donald pointed out, Lefty Icon FDR not only 'discriminated' against Japanese, Italian, and German immigrants; he had them put into prison camps during WWII.

But OK.  Maybe The Donald went too far.  So how about a compromise?

Allow Muslims into the country under the usual conditions, so long as they are completely vetted AND their documentation is publicly available.  All of it.

Yah, I know.  The Bubble Class/Bubble Heads (same difference) won't like that either.

Too bad.  They can offer up their own wives and children as sacrifices on the altar of Allah.

Ace comments on the Bubble Class:

...I'm very amused by the many, many things people "know," without actually knowing, like reducing immigration levels for a specific group must be "unconstitutional," or that this goes against our "values."
It doesn't surprise me that dumb people know so damn much without knowing much at all; that's what marks them as dumb.

But it amuses me that so many smart people know even more things that aren't true.
I guess that's what really separates the dumb from the smart: The dumb only know a few stupid things that aren't true, while the intelligent and imaginative know a great many stupid things that aren't true.

Cheney, Ryan, RoJo--are you paying attention?

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