Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Rubio Shuffle-Dance and His Attack on Cruz

Here's the heart of the Earnest Young Fellow's campaign:

“I’m personally against abortion [amnesty, Muslim "refugees", H1-B] BUT who am I to prevent others from having one.” ... Rubio seems to be running a campaign in which he is a Rorschach candidate, an empty vessel, someone whose views, even if not articulated, are completely aligned with your own. Rather like an obscure, one-term Illinois senator back in 2008....

We should add that the same duck/weave/dodge BS shows up in the "'s settled law" horsecrap about Obergefell.

Shorter:  the Earnest Young Fellow will attempt to baffle you with bullshit.

Meantime, he's going to try to smear Cruz, but not really to win voters.  It's to get money.

...This attack is not about hurting Cruz with voters because only a moron could think that Cruz’s answer on his amendment is going to be more damage that Rubio explaining how he told Florida voters he would never vote for amnesty, then supported and helped shape an amnesty bill, then decided he was against amnesty again. This attack is about bringing Jeb Bush donors on board. And the way to attract Bush and other establishment donors to the Rubio campaign is to give them attacks that they want to hear. Attacks that don’t resonate with GOP primary voters but which are catnip to the establishment. And what better way to communicate to the GOP establishment that you are about to take out the most dangerous man in the race with a can’t-lose-killer-strategy than to trumpet that strategy in POLITICO....

Hmmm.  Apparently Jeb!! is already a carcass.  (Yes, I knew that.)


Anonymous said...

Not bad article on Cruz.... but Cruz is an attorney....... Yuch.

and there is a 52 minute interview with George Will.. I like what I hear, but still Cruz is an Lawyer...... I cringe.

I H A T E Attorneys.

Cruz needs more Interviews like this and they need to be linked everywhere.
More of the personal touch in his own way.

How will Cruz get rid of the National Debt. We are a Debtor Nation.

Anonymous said...

Oh buy the way, The best Christmas gift for Ted Cruz lovers everywhere!