Monday, December 07, 2015

Fox6's "Local Expert" on ObozoDroning

The national reaction to ObozoDroning on Muslim terrorism?  "Why delay the Patriots' game, chowderhead"?

In contrast, Fox6's "local expert":

...Mordecai Lee, professor at UW-Milwaukee, says Oval Office addresses have become a rare sight in the age of social media and 24-hour cable news.

"It`s a real signal, not just of President Obama, but if you go back to President George W. Bush, that they really wanted to save these moments to indicate they were special," Lee said....

The reality of The Droning?

...The President isn’t angry at the enemy so much as he’s disappointed in the American people. We’ve let him down terribly and it shows in his countenance behind the podium. He can’t understand why we’re such a bunch of hateful reactionaries and why we might actually want him to start checking out the mosques and determining if there’s another Tashfeen Malik out there whose friends might not have found worth the bother of mentioning to the authorities. He can’t seem to grasp why record numbers of Americans are clinging to their Second Amendment rights in the hopes of defending themselves the next time this happens. We’re simply a mystery to the man, but he’s willing to patiently explain to all of us yet again why he’s right and we’re wrong about virtually everything....

Maybe Obozo thought that an Oval Office appearance would make him relevant again.  He was wrong, again.

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POTB2015 said...

Hi I would like to know if your opinion has changed about the Merced stabber or maybe get your thoughts on the information you posted in regards to the UC Merced attack. Have you talked to anyone about it and who are your sources? Thanks for your Time.