Friday, December 11, 2015

Cruz on H-1B: Pay Them a LOT More!

Seems that Ted Cruz has figured out the scam of H1-B.

...He has done so in a new H-1B reform bill designed to raise the cost of hiring temporary visa workers.
This bill, released late Thursday, sets a minimum wage of $110,000 for H-1B workers, who currently can be paid well less than half that amount in some U.S. regions under prevailing wage rules. This base salary will adjust annually for inflation....

Yes, Cruz has changed position on the H1-bB matter.  Jeff Sessions explains:

... "The mass layoff of American workers at Disney, Southern California Edison, and many other companies -- who were then forced to train their foreign replacements -- underscores that our political system has failed in its duty to protect our own people," said Sen. Sessions, in a statement....

Nice to know that Cruz--unlike Rubio--gets it.

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