Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Selfish-Babe-Wants-to-SHOP! Rant

Classic case of "I WANNA" from some NY Postie who hasn't a clue about the real issue.

...Would it be nice if we had one magical day when our e-mail was quiet, we spent the day ensconced with a loving family and 100 percent of Americans didn’t have to go to work? Sure.

It’s just not realistic — and harping on about shopping on Thanksgiving isn’t going to return anyone to an idyllic time before big-box stores came along and made our convenience their priority....

I don't often agree with unions, and I know that their blather about Thanksgiving is mostly posturing, targeting WallyWorld with their Two Minute Hate-of-the-month.

But in fact, Christmas sales-dollars will be constant whether or not stores are open on Turkey Day.  The selfish-babe-wanna-shop-NOW will find a way to shop tomorrow, trust me.

What the retailers are really doing is improving their cash-flow by one day (or, if you like, reducing days' inventory by one.)  Impressive for the accounting types, not so much for anyone with common sense. 

Remember that both Scrooge and Mr. Potter were accounting types. 

That's not a co-incidence, people.

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