Thursday, November 20, 2014

ObozoCare Turns Killer

Not that we are surprised--but ObozoCare is poised to kill off a lot of small businesses.

Next year.

...When these businesses were notified that the health plans they offered their employees were not compliant with Obamacare, many of them sought to avoid dumping their employees on the exchanges. At the time, insurance vendors, based on a colorable reading of the law, encouraged many small businesses to work with them to either provide so-called section 105 plans where the employer would reimburse a broker for the cost of coverage bought by the employees, or to encourage their employees to buy their health insurance directly from brokers and to reimburse them for the purchase of this healthcare coverage. All year long, the Department of Labor allowed this practice to continue, only to declare at the 11th hour that this arrangement would be treated as noncompliant with Obamacare and thus subject employers to a penalty....

The objective, of course is to pump up ObozoCare enrollments, no matter what.  So small businesses which used S.105 are liable for penalties of up to $36,500/year/employee....

Just roadkill.  Who cares?

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