Monday, November 03, 2014

No Happy-Dance for Reince

Remember when Ron Johnson ran for the Senate, excoriating ObozoCare every step of the way?

That was then.  *Crickets* is now. 

RoJo is not running this year, but ObozoCare has been left out of (R) campaigning, by and large. Illegal immigration?  Now and then, here and there--but really, the GOP doesn't care.

There's a reason for all that, of course:  the (R) BigWigs have decided that ObozoCare and unrestricted immigration are here to stay.

...there's absolutely nothing wrong with the GOP welcoming more and more Hispanics into a Right-leaning fold. In fact, it needs to do that. Unfortunately, there are few if any across the GOP's traditional - and much broader - rank and file supporters who still believe they'll do it with anything other than something amounting to trying to be better Democrats than the Democrats themselves....

Republican Mike McFadden tried that in his bid to oust Al Franken in Minnesota. He's currently down by a Real Clear Politics average of ten points....the growing lack of enthusiasm and numbers across what was once a vibrant GOP base as they continue to try may indeed signal bad years ahead for a national party increasingly out of touch with their own past supporters around the nation....

It takes a special brand of stupid to lose by TEN POINTS to a fat clown, no?  Or are actual Conservatives refusing to eat the BushRoveRomneyChristie sandwich?      Hmmmm????????

If Reince thinks a 6-seat pickup in the Senate is really an accomplishment, he should check the contents of his Kool-Aid, not do a happy-dance.

2016 is coming soon.

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