Thursday, November 20, 2014

Senator Coburn Warns Obozo: The Reality of "Social Justice"

Sen. Tom Coburn attempts to warn pResident Pissypants:

“Instead of having the rule of law handling in our country today, now we’re starting to have the rule of rulers, and that’s the total antithesis of what this country was founded on,” Coburn says. “Here’s how people think: Well, if the law doesn’t apply to the president … then why should it apply to me?”  --quoted at HotAir

Yes.  Well.

We are seeing the logical outcome of "social justice", which is not "justice" and which is surely anti-social, for if "justice" is to mean anything at all, it is applicable only to individuals, not "classes." 

The class-warfare of Marx, Alinsky, and Obama, disguised as "social justice," has now devolved to its natural state:  no justice for anyone at all.

Thus Coburn's measured wisdom:  this will have consequences which will be deleterious and perhaps widespread.

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