Friday, November 21, 2014

One of the Big Lies

Right here in the WaPo:

...conservatives inside and outside Congress want to use the budget process as a battleground to wage war against Obama and his immigration program. The proposed gambit raises the specter of another government shutdown, akin to the one that damaged Republicans last year....

Utter crap.

A +8 in the Senate and the strongest (R) majority in the House in 50 years is "damage"?  Control of 35 States is now (R) "damage"?

As Erickson remarks, we'll be played by the spineless (R) twits infesting Congress.  They'll pretend to stop Obozo, as they've pretended to stop ObozoCare for years.

The only question those Congress-slimes have to ask themselves, every night, is this one:  which other Federal laws are now....ahhh....."in play"?   I'm looking at you, Paul Ryan--and you, Duffy.  As to you, Sensenbrenner:  pay attention to the under-vote in Wisconsin.

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