Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AllahPundit Doesn't Get It

Allahpundit still doesn't get what's important here.

That's ironic, given his nom-de-plume's weight and significance in the world of political punditry.

See, "Allahpundit" is symbolic.  And symbols are (generally) very important.  We know that $$$$$ means lotsa-money; we know that a green-and-gold football-shaped "G" means football success, and we know that golden horns set on a purple field mean ......a losing team in the Far North.


So back to symbols:  should Boehner dis-invite SCOAMF from "the people's house" because of SCOAMF's egregious and repeated abuse of immigration and healthcare law, prosecutors, IRS, and the Constitution?  Yes, it would be just "symbolic."

But it would be symbolic of manhood-in-defense-of-the-nation--something that it behooves Boehner to display once in a while.

"I don't care" is not an option any more, Allah.  Might be the case when deciding to purchase Vikings tix...but not when the National Interest is in play.

BONUS:  from Hayward's column, a parallel is found:

...Not even the strongest civilization can go very long without facing challenges from within and without its borders. These challenges must be answered. The strength of a civilization is measured not by the issuance of challenge, but by the response; not by the presence of barbarians at the gates or in the streets, but by how those entrusted with the defense of society deal with them...

The barbarian happens to be pResident--at this time.  

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