Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Congrats to Ryan and Sensenbrenner. Now Listen Up!

Andy McCarthy is correct.

...Republicans will be toast with the people who have empowered them if they now turn around and agree to fund Obamacare, the Homeland Security’s immigration agencies and the Justice Department that refuse to enforce the laws, the IRS that colludes with Democrats to intimidate the Left’s ideological opponents, and all the rest of it. The prattle from GOP leaders that they must show the country they can “govern” is ridiculous. It is not possible for them to “govern” when the chief executive does not faithfully execute the laws they enact. Besides, voters did not elect them to govern – they elected them to stop Obama.

If Republicans join the Democrats who have just been swept out of office to fund the government for the next year, they will be forfeiting the power of the purse. Before it even gets started, the incoming Republican-controlled Congress would be stripped of its last tool to stop executive maladministration....

Can't say you weren't told.  I expect that you will fold like a cheap suit, of course--but then, that's your basic M.O.


Saint Revolution said...

Let's deal with parasitic reality, shan't we?

As always, follow the money.

~500+ motherfuckers stealing ~$174,000 taxpayer dollars each plus massive perquisites totaling hundreds of millions of dollars...if not more.

~500+ motherfuckers committing insider trading and sleeping with lobbyists.

~500+ motherfucker profiteers continuing illegal war games for all the dough of it.

Walker commits Act 10 but leaves out all cops, firemen, state troopers, and all law enforcement, the worst most egregious corrupt fiscal offenders against the taxpayers.

Walker's salary is ~$140,000.

The highest paid City Of Milwaukee WI employee is an beat cop lieutenant making over ~$240,000 a year...~$88,000 of that overtime! AN BEAT COP!

Look it up.

The list of Wisconsin teachers, pubic serpents, parasitical law enforcement, administrative, university system professors and staff, technical college system staff, etc., et. al., raping six figure incomes from the taxpayers is astronomically mind bogglingly endless...and completely unsustainable.

...and that's just one State...and the pubic serpent frame of mind of a future presidential candidate from such State.

The Deputy Fire Chief of San Francisco steals over ~$560,000 a year from taxpayers just in base salary. That's the Deputy Fire Chief, NOT the Fire Chief.

Look it up.

Over ~40+ million government worker parasites in this country...local, state, federal...and parasitical third-party contractors sucking off the tit of government.

Did anyone notice Mitch McConnell's wife is an former Secretary Of Labor? Another double- and triple-dipping government parasite household.

The new Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimmel not only steals his parasitic salary but teaches at at least two Wisconsin technical colleges, such WI technical college system being widely known as the most parasitically highly paid for instructors in the nation (research MATC salaries), all such monies being extorted from the taxpayers WITHOUT representation. In other words, Schimmel himself is an triple-dipping government parasite, no matter what his conservative policies are.

Chris Christie's New Jersey cops, individually and collectively as a whole, are close to the top of the list of the most corrupt egregious double- and triple- and quadruple-dipping goverment parasitical thieves this country has ever experienced.

The head of PBS makes over ~$600,000 a year base salary...more than The President Of The United States at ~$400,000.

Look it all up.

I could go on and on and on and on and on...I have enough archived research to fill a library.

Has anybody ever REALLY added up what over ~40+ million government workers are costing you and I, the taxpayers?! I mean, REALLY ADDED IT UP?!

You want to talk about issues that should be addressed?!

The very first is massive bloated government!!!

I want my fucking money back. ALL OF IT!!!

Benjamin Franklin - 1787 - Dangers Of A Salaried Bureaucracy

Dad29 said...

Umhhh...why don't you say what you REALLY think?

The numbers speak for themselves; we don't have to be too graphic with the language.

Saint Revolution said...

Paul Ryan was elected to Congress in 1999 and has been a fixture ever since...16 years.

Paul Ryan is 44 years old.

This means Paul Ryan began receiving $174,000 a year salary, plus massive perquisites, at 28 years old.

Jim Sensenbrenner was elected to Congress in 1979 and has been an unremovable spot of melanoma ever since...raking in the taxayer salve.

Both of these jackasses purport to believe in term limits...

...until the thought of giving up the gravy dries up both these turkeys' convictions.

If hypocrisies were hamburgers, both these idiots would be Ray Kroc.

Nobody voted FOR these chumps...they just voted AGAINST the libtards.