Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pieper Pooper Power!

There's a commercial manure digester operation in Waunakee which has.......ahhhh........had some problems.

...The Clear Horizons LLC facility was cited in connection with three spills totaling 400,000 gallons of manure, failing to remove enough lake-fouling phosphorus from the dairy animal waste before it is spread on farm fields and violating monitoring requirements, the state Department of Natural Resources said in a letter to the company....

The plant generates electricity by burning methane from nearby dairy operations and processes cow poop for spreading onto farm fields.  All very nice, unless you're downstream when several hundred thousand gallons of poop pop loose.

Turns out that the diarrhetic plant is owned by what used to be called Pieper Power.  I have suggested a new name for the company above.

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