Thursday, November 06, 2014

Kevin McCarthy Needs Brain Transplant

No surprise that Kevin McCarthy (R) is from California--the land of fruits and nuts.

(Kelly, FNC):  I'm trying to get an answer on whether you are going to press for another vote to repeal Obamacare in the House and push for one--”

McCarthy then said,  “I would press for one when we have the ability to replace it at the same time. But the first thing I am going to start on is the economy to getting it moving again.”

Kevin, you dumbass:  "the economy" is for crap because ObozoCare 1) imposes financial burdens on employers and employees the extent of which is still unknown; 2)  imposes financial burdens on NON-employed people who are now required to get a health-plan and pay dearly for it; 3) rips earnings away from workers who have suddenly become part-time due to ObozoCare regulations.

Is ObozoCare the only problem with the economy?  Nope.

Is ObozoCare the best immediate target?  Yup.

Are you a two-timing political slut?  We'll know soon, eh, Kevin?

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