Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buh-Bye, RoJo!

There are a couple of possible explanations for RoJo's infidelity.  Let's not speculate.

...For a man who was elected during the tea-party wave of 2010 on a platform of drastically reducing federal spending and overturning the Affordable Care Act, Johnson's tone is notable. He says he is no longer looking to repeal the health care law. He is pushing back hard against conservative voices calling for a shutdown over the president's immigration policy....

RoJo knows what this really means:

...Johnson would like to get back to "real America" eventually, Todd said, though he emphasized that he had not discussed any retirement plans with the senator....

It's coming soon, Ron, you jerk.


Dad29 said...


Sorry, "John Mitchell," but you're wrong on the facts (a lot of them) and you're wrong in general.

RoJo's limp-d*** act is NOW, not a year ago (although he said the same thing then.)

NOW almost 70% of Americans do not want ObozoCare, and all the legislature is controlled by the "opposition" party.

But RoJo, elected on the promise to reverse ObozoCare, has decided that promises don't mean much. (One wonders what his wife thinks of that.)

Let Obozo shut down the Gummint. No problem!

But not RoJo--who is destined to be a one-termer.

Dad29 said...

When you actually DO have facts, "John Mitchell", they are irrelevant.

Get back to your (R) staffer desk and cut out more paper dolls.

Anonymous said...

While Dad continues his one-sided conversation (1A be damned) there's no open discourse on why RoJo is a one-term "senator" for Wiscansin. Here's hoping McIlheran steps up to the plate and shares his Senator's position. God bless ye merry gentlemen.

Dad29 said...

1A don't apply here.