Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Day, Another Tax Increase

Some people live in remote areas and apparently are unable to purchase "encyclopedias" for their schoolchildren.

So you'll pay more to use your cellphone.

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Saint Revolution said...

Paul Ryan has won The Chair for The House Ways And Means.

Ryan’ll be TERM-LIMITED (read: FORCED) out of his ChairManShip of The Budget Committee next year.

Gotta find that new job relevancy.

Although I am sure Paul Ryan will, at least, probably vocalize (i.e., blowhard, like they all do, wth companion requisite non-delivery) what needs to be done regarding tax overhaul, etc., I can never get past the complete hypocrisy of these lifetime politicians.

Once again, Ryan has been an congressman since ~98/~99.

Sensenbrenner has been an congressman since ~1979.

Both hypocrites purport to believe in term limits.

Term limits on committee seats but no term limits on the actual congressional job.

How totally non checks-and-balances-y.

The curtain rises once again on politi-hypocriti-cal theatre...make-believe players in make-believe plots committing real-world dire consequences. Buy your tickets (i.e., pay the criminal extortion called over-taxes) and then just TRY and get into the show (i.e., your voice heard) past the statist paramilitary "something-not-quite-right-upstairs"-ers with the automatic rifles they say you shouldn't have...'cuz you're too stupid.

Remember, We The People, we're the stupid ones, and the world can survive without us, but the world could NEVER survive if the statist elitists lose their jobs.

Just so damn sick of 'em all...and that includes all pubic uncivil serpents and pubic criminal retiree thieves. NO election(s) outcome(s) changes that disgust.

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