Thursday, November 27, 2014

Too Many Noonans Here?

Kaufman writes to point out Peggy Noonan's enduring naivete about Teh SCOAMF.

...In this she is not alone. Much of America ignored (and many still ignore) the evidence before their eyes, which is now irrefutable. Obama’s destructiveness is deliberate, and his goals are the remaking of American in a leftist image, and permanent power for the left. This continuing denial on the part of many Americans is one of the main reasons he may succeed.....

Three comments:  1)  the hard Left is not a part of the naif-group.  They understand, facilitate, and applaud SCOAMF at every turn and in every step.  Note, e.g., that Schumer's criticism of Obozo vis-a-vis ObozoCare was on its timing, not its existence.  2)   The hard Right is also not a part of the naif-group.  We may have thought he was merely stupid, or a tool of others, for a couple of years.  But the Jewish proverb about 'fool me once' was sufficient for us.  3)  The Congress is useless.  Most of them are not naifs--not at all.  But they understand Obozo and would love to emulate him in re-making America--except that each one believes that HE/SHE should be atop the pile.


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