Sunday, November 23, 2014

Obozo's Next "Screw the Allies" Tour Begins!

Well, he's back to his usual inane attacks on our allies.  This time in the far East.

...Obama defied the ­advice of his embassy in Canberra to deliver a stinging attack on the Abbott government’s climate policies in Brisbane last weekend.

The US embassy, under the leadership of ambassador John Berry, advised the President, through his senior staff, not to couch his climate change comments in a way that would be seen as disobliging to the Abbott government, sources have revealed. . . 

It is normal practice when the US President makes an overseas visit that the ambassador in the country he is visiting is consulted about the contents of major speeches. It is unusual, though not unprecedented, for an embassy’s advice to be ignored....

... Despite repeated Australian requests, White House officials refused to provide a text of the speech to their Australian hosts in advance, and did not provide a summary of what would be contained in the speech.

Mr Obama’s repeated references to the climate change debate in Australia, his accusation that Australia was an inefficient user of energy and his repeated references to the Great Barrier Reef, which has figured heavily in the climate change debate, have led observers to conclude that the speech was a deliberate swipe at the Abbott government.

Historians of the US-Australia relationship are unable to nominate a case of a visiting president making such a hostile speech for the host government....

Yah, well, historians will be unable to nominate a case of another anti-American President, either.

'S OK mateys:  He'll be gone as soon as we can elect ANYBODY to replace him.

HT:  PowerLine

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William said...

I have to say, this guy represents the left in this country quite well. He is the epitome of them.