Thursday, November 06, 2014

ObozNesty Is Already Operative

Well, yes, "amnesty" is already operative.  You don't know it because the MSM hasn't bothered to mention it.  So Limbaugh's theory--that Obozo will simply cease deportations--is correct; except it's already in force.

...As a practical matter, Obama is not deporting anyone at the moment. So we are currently in a period of temporary amnesty -- a politically unacknowledged period of temporary amnesty.

Obama currently is imposing a temporary amnesty without having to face up to the public over this policy.... 

...All he can do is temporarily refuse to enforce the immigration laws.

Which he can do until January 2017.

And he's already doing that -- without catching the public heat for that, because the public doesn't know he's doing that.

Remember, his claim is that he's deporting more people than ever.

That's a lie, but the media transmits it eagerly for him.

So all the (R) bunch has to do is make it a LOT more public.

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