Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Allahpundit v. Jindal

We now encounter "Allahpundit"--who writes for a Malkin site--dissing Gov. Jindal.

He first cites a Politico piece which outlines a Pubbie "plan" for dealing with King Obozo's naked immigration play.  (ObozoCare, reviled by a majority of Americans, is no longer an issue.)

Two of the ideas are:  1)  dis-inviting pPresident Pissypants from Congress for the State of the Union address.  He can deliver that from any golf course so why bother to have him in the House chamber?: and 2) "shut down" the Gummint.

A week ago, Bobby Jindal suggested that it would be Obozo, not Congress, who shuts down the Gummint, because Obozo wields ...ahhh....the pen-of-veto.

Of the two, which one has a better grasp of Government:  Jindal, or Allahpundit?

Yah.  We kinda think Jindal, no contest.

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Anonymous said...

Minor point of order - Michelle Malkin sold Hot Air to Salem Communiations several years ago.

As for the PRL "plan", it's exactly what the Chamber of Commerce wants - no shutdown and, in a few months, no enforcement because there's no money for enforcement.

Besides, it doesn't matter that it would be Teh SCOAMT and his fellow Rats that shut down the government; their Presstitute Organs will convince enough people it's El PRL's fault and they'll cave (again).