Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boehner Gruberizes Us Now

The Speaker of the House beclowns himself--again--and now attempts his own Gruberize trick, defining "Gruberize" as the industrial-strength version of 'throwing foo-foo-dust into your eyes.'  Boehner's is not nearly as well-executed as pResident Pissypants' Gruberization, of course.  That's because Boehner has no principles.  At least Pissypants has those, (albeit every one of them malignant.)

I am with Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff on the too-clever-by-half choice by Speaker Boehner to retain leftwing law professor Jonathan Turley as counsel in the House’s long-delayed lawsuit against President Obama. In the end, I don’t think it will matter. As Paul points out, judges tend to decide cases based on the merits....

... the lawsuit is frivolous: The Framers gave Congress its own powers to deal with a rogue president and would have been appalled at the thought of the powerful first branch asking the “least dangerous” third branch to do its heavy lifting. Moreover, as I recounted in Faithless Execution, Obama pays no more attention to court decisions against him than to statutes he dislikes. Since judges have no power to execute their rulings (they need the executive branch for that) a decision against Obama would have no effect – which makes it even less likely that a judge would agree to hear the case, in which the House already faces a daunting challenge to establishing legal standing to sue....

In short:  Boehner has spent a lot of taxpayer money to hire a good lawyer to get absolutely ZERO results.

But it's foo-foo-dust.  Deception.

Typical old-pol behavior.  What a waste of oxygen this man really is!

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