Wednesday, November 26, 2014

EPA's Latest Bullshit

You've all seen the presstitute reports on the EPA regs upcoming--the ones which will destroy coal mining and most Upper Midwestern state economies, which are dependent on coal-fired electrical generation.  Those reports are direct quotes of EPA's bullshit about "saving lives."

Yah, well.  Here's the facts.

Epidemiology. EPA admitted in federal court that its epidemiologic studies on PM2.5 prove nothing by themselves. In 2012 litigation in which EPA attempted to justify its experiments on humans with PM2.5, EPA admitted doing the experiments because: “epidemiologic studies do not generally provide evidence of direct causation.”

Toxicology. No laboratory animal has ever died from PM2.5 in an experimental setting even though animals have been exposed to levels of PM2.5 as much as 100+ times greater than human exposures to PM2.5 in outdoor air. 

Clinical studies. EPA has tested a variety of air pollutants — including very high exposures to PM2.5 — on over 6,000 human volunteers. Many of these volunteers were elderly or already health-compromised — the very groups EPA claims are most susceptible to dying from PM2.5 exposures. EPA has admitted that there have been no deaths or any dangerous adverse events clearly caused by these PM2.5 exposures. PM2.5 exposures in these experiments have been as high as 21 times greater than allowable by EPA’s own air quality rules.....

Should Boehner and Ryan ever find their cojones, there's a helluvalot of savings to be found by simply eliminating EPA from the budget.  Nuke 'em, ya'know?

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Saint Revolution said...

The Problem With Washington


"...up close, it's a rude, family-unfriendly, ego-infested, tax-subsidized, creep-coddling swamp..."

"...try walking the halls of Congress. It's Abercrombie And Fitch meets The Hair Club For Men. Lots of really photogenic young people kissing up to lots of insufferable blowhards. Separated by one or two generations, most of these players have only one real thing in common: they have never been weaned from the public teat..."


Paul Sty-an, Sensenbutthead, and RoJoGoBlow: in case you're confused, that's you..."insufferable blowhards"...NOT "photogenic young people".

Young and old, they're all turds.


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