Thursday, January 24, 2013

What the Statists Really Want in "Gun" Control

Here's what they're really after.  The rest are just shiny objects.

The apparent real targets of the various Democratic bans floating through Washington are:
  • Bans of standard capacity magazines
  • A national gun registry
  • tracking, limiting sales of ammunition, or stopping online sales of ammunition
"Standard" capacity mags are actually far larger than 10 rounds; they are up to 60 (depending on the weapon.)  The 'need' for the registry thing is self-evident; the same applies to ammo purchase limits.

The tactic here will be to obtain "compromise"--that is, to obtain those three objectives. 

(Don't worry.  The Republicans will be happy to give away these rights because they are both witless and gutless.)


Al said...

The sound you hear is that of our Founding Fathers, & Founding Mothers who made the ammo, turning over in their graves.
A pox on both parties is how I am feeling these days with things like this & the budget.

Anonymous said...

May I ask why you want or need a weapon with a "standard" 60-round magazine?

Anonymous said...

For defense of self, family, neighbors, or country.

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Against who?

I'm pretty sure your country will supply you with weapons if they need you.

Dad29 said...

A) Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

You rest in your surety. I'll buy the weapons, mags, and bullets.

Don't come around begging for 'em, because I'm pretty sure you won't get any supplies. This ain't food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Gun porn for the simple minded, tiny dick crowd. Buy more lubricants!

Anonymous said...

A) Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Right, because my Muslim neighbors are planning to put forth a jihad at any moment, and the gangs are plotting to overtake suburban America in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I waged jihad on Jim Spice's rectum last night. It will probably be next Thursday when he's walking normally again. Probably should have used lube, but Jimmy is into it the prison painful way. Who am I to say no?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Dad29 is condoning anti-Christian comments made by our resident Anony drunkard (2:42 am).